Inverted Reverse Folding UV Umbrella, Compact & Portable, Auto Open/Close (6 colors)

This reverse folding umbrella has an inside-out design. When closed, the wet part will be inside of the umbrella, preventing water from dripping all over you, your floors or your vehicle! 


  • Colors:  Pink, Blue, Green, Grass Green, White, Black
  • Size:  12.5 inches length; 42 inches open width
  • UV Protection:  This UV umbrella blocks 99% of UV radiation, keeps you noticeably cooler on hot, sunny days.
  • High Visibility:  The canopy has highly reflective stripes around the edge, making you highly visible from the back and front when you’re out walking on those dark rain & winter nights.
  • Automatic Open & Close:  One-handed operation with a button.  Unlike some other inverted umbrellas, it is easier to open and close even if your hands are fully engaged