Hair Catcher Shower Drain Cover Durable Silicone 5.5 Inches Bathroom Accessories Drain Plug Drain Protector Hair Stopper for Kitchen Bathtub and Laundry Pink 2 Pack

Product information

Brand Couidl
Color Purple
Material Silicone
Product Dimensions 5.5"W x 0.04"H
Special Feature durable silicone

About this item

  • Material: Very durable silicone with suction cup and no bad smell.
  • Easy to Install and Use: When installing, put it on the drain, press the suction cups on the four sides, and pull it off from the suction cups when removing it.
  • No More Hair Mess: This is a really good hair mess solution, It can block the hair without affecting the flow speed of the water. When it's full, take it apart and clean it up and you can use it again.
  • Size Chart: Set of 2, Square shape, 5.5 x 5.5 x 0.04 inches. Our hair catcher fit most size of sinks, shower drain, bathroom drain.
  • Suitable for many occasions: Our hair catcher is not only suitable for kitchen drain, but also for shower drain, bathroom drain, anywhere you don’t want your hair mess up the drain.