7-Inch LED Mirrored Large Display Digital Alarm Clock w/Dual USB Charge Ports (7 colors)

Colors:  Pink, Gold, Purple, Green, Navy Blue, Black, White


  • 7-INCH LARGE DISPLAY + MIRROR SURFACE — Digital clock is equipped with a 7 inch large size LED display. You can clearly check the time anywhere in the room; Alarm clocks with unique acrylic mirror technology, fashionable and beautiful, can also be used as a dressing mirror.
  • 3-LEVEL BRIGHTNESS + AUTO ADJUSTMENT — Electronic clock LED display screen has three kinds of brightness: low, medium and high light. You are free to choose the brightness; LED clock is equipped with a photosensitive sensor that automatically adjusts its brightness based on the intensity of light around the screen.
  • DUAL USB CHARGING PORTS + POWER-OFF MEMORY — Mirror clock uses DC-5V/1A USB power supply, with 2 USB ports, which can charge your mobile phone, tablet. Modern clock is equipped with CR2016 battery, when the alarm is disconnected When the USB power supply, you can continue to keep the alarm data.
  • SNOOZE MODE + NIGHT MODE — Digital alarm clock snooze button is located on the top of the clock and can be easily turned off, allowing you to get 5 to 60 minutes (settable) of extra sleep time; night mode means that the LED automatically enters the lowest brightness display state at night, doesn't affect your sleep.
  • DETACHABLE BASE + WALL HANGING HOLE — When the clock is installed on the base, it's a desk clock, for desk, bedside, dressing; When the clock is removed from the base, it's a wall clock, which can be installed on the wall through the hanging hole on the back for bedroom, office, living room, kitchen.